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Running and Race Log
I started running in the spring of 2006. Until then, I had never run more than 2 miles without stopping. But when I found myself with plenty of extra time and no television or internet for a summer in the Adirondacks, I started - slowly. The first race I completed - a 5K trail course with a local runner's club and about 50 participants - introduced me to the collegial, noncompetitive atmosphere that abounds among recreational runners. For the most part, runners are competing with themselves and the title of "winner" does not belong to an individual when the race is over. When I crossed the finish line at that first race - in last place, having averaged an 11:45-minute/mile pace - a volunteer asked me if I had run a 5K before. When I said no, she replied: "Well, you've achieved a personal record today! Congratulations!"

Two years later, I ran my first half-marathon (the Dismal Swamp Stomp) and since then have completed three more.

I run to have time, awake, by myself. I enjoy having that time to listen to the music that I love. I run to feel and be healthy, and as a way of exploring new places. And, I run so that I can fully enjoy how good it feels to cross a finish line with the only goal having been completion.

Race Log

Seattle Rock n' Roll Half Marathon 13.1 mi (road) 25 JUN 11 Seattle, WA 2:10:56
Seattle Best 15K 15 km (road) 21 MAY 11 Seattle, WA 1:31:24
Boston Half Marathon 13.1 mi (road) 11 OCT 09 Boston, MA 2:14:02
Cherry Blossom Run 10 mi (road) 05 APR 09 Washington, DC 1:42:03
Shamrock Half Marathon 13.1 mi (road) 22 MAR 09 Virginia Beach, VA 2:08:45
Philadelphia Half Marathon 13.1 mi (road) 23 NOV 08 Philadelphia, PA 2:13:56
Dismal Swamp Stomp 13.1 mi (mixed) 19 APR 08 Chesapeake, VA 2:10:26
Cherry Blossom Run 10 mi (road) 6 APR 08 Washington, DC 1:39:22
Battle of the Boulevard 10K (road) 12 MAY 07 Arlington, VA 1:03:12
Jug Bay Wildlife Refuge 10K (mixed) 3 NOV 06 Upper Marlboro, MD 56:02
Gulf Coast Relief Run 5K (road) 30 SEPT 06 Alexandria, VA 25:12
Camp Saratoga, NY 5K (trail) 7 AUG 06 Wilton, NY 32:06
Camp Saratoga, NY 5K (trail) 24 JUL 06 Wilton, NY 30:09
Camp Saratoga, NY 5K (trail) 10 JUL 06 Wilton, NY 34:03
Camp Saratoga, NY 5K (trail) 26 JUN 06 Wilton, NY 35:32